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  1. User Interface: Web Design is an Art. Building a Website is Like Building a Dream Home.If You Want More Guests to Visit Your House, Then You Should Probably Build Your Website (House) Beautiful, Neat, Clean and with Elegant Design Also. A Customer (Guest) Should Feel Like Interacting More with Your Website. A Website Should be So Much Interactive So That a Customer will Not Need Human Help. Build it in Such Way, Your Website Should be Able to Guide Your Customer throughout His/her Purchasing Journey.Key Points
    1. Elegant Design is Important
    2. Website Should be Interactive
    3. Make it Useful

Important factors of Good Design

1.Clean Design: Design Your Website Simple, Simple is The Ultimate Sophistication. Take Your time and Effort to Design it Clear and Simple. A User Interacting with Your Website Should feel Good, Make His Time Worth it.

2.Colour Scheme: Colour Scheme is a Crucial Part. Choose Your Colour with Your Heart and Mind. Please Know a Little About Colour Palette before Starting. The Simple Way of Understanding Colour Palette is this, The Dark Colours Looks good with Same Light colors. Ex: Dark Green and Light Green is a Combo that works Well.

  1. Strong Message: Be Intentional. Every word You Use in Website Need to Be Intentional. It’s Like an Each Path You Take to Reach the Final Destination. You Have to Choose Each Word Carefully that Might help You in Giving a Strong Message to Your Targeted Audience.

2. Content: Yes! You Might Think What Content Have to do with Web Design. But My Answer is “A Lot” The content in Your Website Plays a Crucial Part in Web Design. According to My Knowledge and Expertise, I Feel Content as a Part of Web Design.

In Your Web Design Content, Use the Keywords Related to Your Niche. But Be Aware of Jargons, DO NOT USE JARGONS. Make Your Content Easily Understandable and Enjoyable, Simple and Sweet.

Try to Tell Things Via Story if Possible, If Not do it Just Like Me, Flat and Simple.

When Writing a Content, make it Rich by Adding Related Images. Give it a Catchy Headline. Write Many Headlines and then Select the Best one. Add a Call to Action in Between, Make Your Customer Take Necessary Actions to take Your Services. Just try to Make Sophisticated Things Look Simple & Functional.

Key Points

  1. Rich content by Using Media
  2. Add call to Actions
  3. Make it Simple, Understandable & Enjoyable.

3.Colour:  Colors are Very Important. Not Only to Website, It Makes Sense Even to Our Life. Just Imagine a Black & White Version of Your Life, how is it? Hey but Wait, Even Black & White are colors. You Can’t Just use All the 12 Colors in Your Website Because they are free. The Colors You use Should have Some Meaning to it.

 For Example, Blue Color Represents Confidence, Security, etc.

 So Before Starting to Design a Website, Think About What Business You do & What Colors Will Work Out for You. Choose it Wisely. Have a Theme for Your Website, and Then choose Colors.

 Each Color Represents its Own Emotions, So Don’t Make Things Complicated.

 So, Check Out the Color Palette Below, It Will Help You Understand the Basics.

4. Responsive:  It Is Important to Build a Website, May be a Good Website. But Always Make Sure That the Website is Responsive in Different Platforms. Your Customers Might Visit Your Website in Mobile Device, Desktop or a Tablet, Make Sure It Is Functional and Responsive in All The Devices. It Should Be User Friendly & also Search Engine Friendly.

Your Website is of No Use If Search Engine Do Not Recognize Your Website. Build Search Engine Optimization Friendly Website. Make it Look Good in the Eyes of the Search Engine.

 “Design is Not Just How It Looks; Design is also How it Works” Steve Jobs.

The Above-Mentioned Quote by Steve Jobs is One of My Favourite. He Makes Complicated things Look so Simple and Guess What, People Love it. Try Doing the Same in Your Way.

5. Call to Action:  Call to Action is What Makes Your Website Interactive. In Every Step of Your Website, place a Call to Action to Let People Take the Required Steps, to Complete the Purchase or Understand the Service. Whatever Your Category is.

As a Proprietor or Blogger, You Suggest the Best of Your Service or Product to Your Audience. also Show them the Way with Help of Call to Action, that can take them to Next Step and Make a Purchase.

Call to Action is one of the Crucial elements to Increase the Rate of Conversion from your Website. It is one of the Way to Boost Your Conversion without Much Talking or Marketing.

Provide them with also Alternatives to Call to Action, Like Find a way to contact you. Or Collect their Emails to Guide them in the Process.

6. Navigation:  Navigation is the Very Important Factor That Google Considers as Important Criteria to Rank. Navigation should be Easy to Understand. Make Your Website Simple to Configure and Passy by.

 From Any Page in Your Website, You Should be Able to Reach the Home Page within 1 Click. That’s How Easy Your Navigation Should be. Breakdown the Points to Help People Understand Things Better. Make the Primary menu Visible Throughout Your Website.

7. Typography: Typography is Very Very Important. To Make things Easy for You. Understand Typography as a kind of Face Expression. Your Face Expression differs while Delivering Different Message to the Larger Audience. And it is Done to Convey a Strong Message.

 For Further Details, You Can Check Google Fonts tool to Help You choose Best Font for Your Website. I Would Suggest You to Not Follow the Best Practices Out There, have your Own Taste and Choose the Unique Font.                

 Your Texts Should be Easily Readable, Make Use of Options Like Bold, Italic, Sizes and Headers to Make Your Website Look Even Better.

8. Branding: Any Business, Either Small Scale or Large-Scale Needs Branding. You Should Take the Help of Your Website to Build Your Brand. The Typography you Use, The Colour You choose and Images, Can Be Used to Convey Your Message to Your Audience.

In The Content of Your Website, Tell a Story to Your Audience About Your Brand. Let Them Know What You Stand For and What You Believe in. Help Them Make a Purchase Decision.

Your Brand is Unique, Remember People Need Your Brand.

But First Make Sure, Before Promoting Your Brand, You Increase the Quality of Your Services and Products.

9. Perception:  Every Coin has 2 Sides, Before Doing Anything with Your Website, Make Sure You Understand Your Audience Well. Do a Market Research on What is Important for Your Customers, What Matters, and What Factors Affect the Sales.

Check Your Competitors Website, See What Strategies They Use, Take the Help of Uber Suggest to Understand the Keywords they are Ranking for, and Backlinks they are Using.

Before getting Started, Get to Know both The Sides of the Coins better than Everyone else, Learn the Rules of the Game & Play it Better than Anyone Else.


10. Search Engine Optimization: Well I Agree! SEO is not Related to Web Design. What Matters the Most is, Your Web Design is Useless if People Don’t Get to See You Online. Majority of Your Customers are Using Google to Search for Your Services. So Make Sure While Designing the Website You follow the Basic Guidelines By Google to Rank Your Website Higher in Search Engine Results page.

 You Don’t Have to Be a Search Engine Optimization Expert But Try to Understand things Better, Learn New Things and Give Necessary Information Required.

 That’s it. These Above Mentioned 10 Points are the Basic Guidelines to Design the Website. All the Best for Your Website.